Electrical and Mechanical Contractors

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Our Services

Licensed electrical contractor
C&S Enterprises handles commercial and industrial electrical needs from wiring an entire building to piping an electrical outlet. We are a member of ComEd’s Smart Ideas Program as a trade ally which enables us to give our customers energy audits showing them where they can save money on their overall electrical usage and benefiting with rebates provided by the program.
There is no job too small or too large. If you have an electrical need we will be happy to consult you
 on your best option to meet your budget.
Commercial Paint/Spray booths
We work with all major manufacturers and many sales teams in the industry to provide a complete turnkey installation, which includes everything from unloading the truck to the first firing of the booth. Our expert knowledge has gained us a stellar reputation in the industry and we continue to maintain that reputation through courteous, professional personnel. We also provide cleaning and maintenance programs that are designed to keep your equipment running smoothly and efficiently.
Licensed Mechanical contractor
We design and installation of custom HVAC equipment and air handling equipment. We can design a solution for air treatment and movement through large and small spaces to meet your requirements. We also manufacture custom duct offsets on site for booth installs saving our customer both time and money on their installation.



C&E Enterprise will do  buildings electrical usage analysis for FREE!



Based on the analysis, we will detect areas that can be improved to help you saving money on energy usage


Define aStrategy

We will discuss all options for decreasing your overall usage. That translates into more money in your pocket!